English Community Outreach Project

Worship in English 2021 in the Bergkirche
First Sunday of the month 11:00 AM

First Sunday: Worship at the Bergkirche and Livestream at 11AM
Second Sunday: Dinner Church at 6PM
Third Sunday: No Gathering
Fourth Sunday: Walking Church at 11AM (location announced via email)

For more information or to be added to the email list,
please contact Rev. Hannah Cranbury.

The Bergkirche Sometimes Angels Pick-up Choir welcomes all who like to sing.
The Choir will reconvene as soon as restrictions on group singing are in the
church are suspended.
Contact Rhodri Britton if you would like to sing with the choir:

Upcoming Events in the Bergkirche:
The English Community Outreach Project
Protestant Deanery of Wiesbaden
in the Bergkirche

Worship Service 01.05.2022 , 11 Uhr
With Rev. Hannah Cranbury

“Lessons and Carols in the Easter Season”

Organ: Dirk Putzek
Choir Director: Rhodri Britton
Technology: Jörg Müller

„The English Community Outreach Project combines the liturgical tradition of the German Protestant Church with the multi-faceted spirit of the United Church of Christ (USA). Worship includes a variety of musical traditions: classical,,Appalachian and contemporary, with roots in African, American, and European musical traditions.“

Fundraising update
As you may know, the English Outreach is unique in Germany in that it is
supported fully by the generosity of those who attend. For the congregation’s
contract to renew, the congregation must contribute 18.000,- € to our annual
expenses before the end of September. Help us reach our goal and invest in
this community that means so much to you by giving a tax-deductible
If you are able to donate, please let Rev. Cranbury know of your contribution,
so that we can track the funds to our congregation.

„Spenden englischsprachiger Gottesdienst“
IBAN: DE75 5206 0410 0104 0077 78BIC: GENODEF1EK1
English Community Project

Rev. Hannah Cranbury – Protestant Deanery of Wiesbaden
email: hannahcranbury@gmail.com Tel: +49 176 – 75 971 916



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