First Worship Service

Sonntag | 7. September | 12 Uhr

Wir feiern unseren ersten Gottesdienst in englischer Sprache
mit Rosalind Gnatt

nach dem Gottesdienst mit Pfarrer Nett  um 10 Uhr

Worship Service

on September 7th, 2014

the 12th Sunday after Trinity

buildingThank you for worshipping with us at this, our first worship service, following the format of the Evangelische Kirche Deutschland – the People’s protestant church in Germany. If you come from a liturgical tradition, the tunes and the form is probably familiar to you. If not, we hope you join us again, and help us build a worship experience that honors the traditions of the Evangelische Kirche, and also reaches into our 21st century lives.

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