English Worship in the Bergkirche, July 19th – 12 noon

An English language worship service will take place at 12:00 noon on Sunday, July 19th, in the Bergkirche with Rev. Rosalind Gnatt. Special music will be provided by Russian Accordion player Victor Pribylov. The sermon handles from „the feeding of the 5000.“ As there are 800 million hungry people in our world today, one must ask: what satisfies our hunger?

Victor Pribylov has been playing since he was 7 years old, not on any old accordion: His Bajan was made in Moscow by the firm of Jupiter. A Bajan is the eastern European type of the chromatic button accordion. The soprano voice is not played with the keys on this instrument, but with the buttons, which allows a larger range of tone and is thus ideally suited to playing classical music. This professional musician, born and raised in Kasachstan, plays works of Scarlatti, Bach, Rimskiy-Korsakov, Liszt and also his own interpretations of Russian Folksongs and Folkdances, to which he feels particularly attached.

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