Worship September 1st, 2019

1.September. 2019, 11:00
Worship in English in the Bergkirche

PRIDE makes us artificial
HUMILITY makes us real
-Thomas Merton

Rev. Rosalind Gnatt
Musicians: Die Pullies
Organ: Dirk Putzek

The English Community Outreach Project
Protestant Deanery of Wiesbaden

Upcoming Events in the Bergkirche:

  • Night of the Churches – September 6st at 19:00
    Daniel Carson and Rodri Britton present Songs from Fini & Shakespeare, Somerville & Tennyson, Vaughan Williams & R.L.Stevenson and Britton & William Blake. Come enjoy these terrific artists, and support our English Community Congregation.
  • Organ Concert „Cool Britannnia“ – September 15th at 17:00
    Renown Organist Hans Uwe Hielscher plays organ music from Great Britain – this will be a real trat!
  • The Songs of Wartime – November 1st at 19:00 in St. Augustine of Canterbury Church
    ongs and poems from the wars of three centuries – a powerful and moving walk through the universal experience of soldiers and the people who love them. With Soprano Deborah Jenny Cole, Mezzosopran Tami Janitz, Tenor John Treleavan, Baritone Daniel Carlson and Rhode Britton on piano.


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